The campaign exceeded all expectations, delivering exceptional results across key metrics:
Consumer feedback was overwhelmingly positive, underscoring the appeal and desirability of the Family Fright Night Game Box.
An impressive 40% of customers opted to add supplementary items to their orders, demonstrating the campaign's cross-selling potential.
Demand for the Game Box surpassed projections, resulting in a complete sell-out before Halloween, a testament to its popularity and appeal among consumers.
Campaign Elements Included:
- Landing Page: A dedicated landing page was crafted to serve as the campaign's centerpiece, giving visitors a glimpse into the Family Fright Night Game Box and encouraging them to purchase.
- Social Posts: Leveraging various social media platforms, American Licorice disseminated engaging content tailored to resonate with their target audience. These posts highlighted the key features of the Game Box and were designed to be fun and creative, pique curiosity, and drive conversions.
- Influencer Content: Partnering with influencers allowed American Licorice to tap into established networks and reach a broader audience. These influencers, with their creative content showcasing the Game Box, played a crucial role in lending authenticity and credibility to the campaign.
- Video Animation: Engaging video animations conveyed the excitement and allure of the Family Fright Night Game Box. These dynamic visuals enhanced the overall brand experience and captured the attention of potential customers.
- E-blasts and SMS Messages: Direct communication channels such as e-blasts and SMS messages were utilized to deliver targeted promotions and reminders to existing customers, driving urgency and encouraging conversions.
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